You know I cried this morning and I’m still crying and it is all for love. You know when you stay with a child for too long, they hide somewhere inside your heart. This is subconscious, but it is the truth. Human relationship is powerful. You know she calls me Daddy. I wrote about her calling me on the phone some weeks ago.

I shared it too. When I told her I was leaving her school last term, she began crying. I had to console her and promise I won’t leave.
Although I did hide my tears before the class when her class monitor read the letter to the class, it took me a while before I could get back to teaching. The tears were in my heart. I don’t fall for my emotions easily but this caught me off-guard.
It is remarkable. Now I know why my friend’s father-in-law was crying when his daughter was leaving for his house.
This thing is deep, deep down you know.& no man should treat a woman badly. It is a great trust endowed to you... And to a teacher, it is a greater trust because you are moulding futures.


Here is the letter:

Dear Elizabeth,

How are you and the rest of the class? I hope they are all doing good. How are your besties: Dinah, Suzan and Habiba? Let me not forget Chioma. I hope they are doing great!

How are the naughty boys in our class? I am also talking about Samuel Ochigbo. Is he still behaving childishly as he used to be? Please send my regards to them. Tell them I miss them all. Tell them that I know they are missing me. They are missing my arguments. Tell them I miss them all and I love them all. “ I love them so much and I MISS THEM ALL.”

You know as I was writing this letter, I am feeling like crying and rolling my eyes. Here is my mother’s phone number [ ]if you want to speak to me. Call and ask her to give me the phone because I know some of you wouldn’t miss me. Although I have been saying that when I leave Beracah Academy I won’t miss anyone but deep down in me, I miss you all. Most important of all, how is Mrs Nkiru (Form Mistress)? Greet her for me. Also, greet my daddy (Mr Olumide) for me. Tell him I miss him.

Please after reading it, read it to the class.

Thank you and I love you.


Aisha A.S Abubakar


Elizabeth Bulus.


She weathered the rain that Wednesday morning to deliver the letter to her class rep.

Published by Ojo Olumide Emmanuel.




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Ojo Olumide Emmanuel

Ojo Olumide Emmanuel

Ojo Olumide Emmanuel is a Nigerian Poet and Book Editor. He is the Author of the Poetry Chapbook "Supplication For Years in Sands" (Polarsphere Books, 2021).